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Jessica McQuilkin – Owner of Cleaning With A Meaning

Jessica McQuilkin has been a resident of Philadelphia all her life. She grew up living with her grandparents and with that came character building, morals and responsibility. At a young age, Jessica had a lot of chores, but cleaning was her favorite! This led to her cleaning expertise.

“Cleaning is something I take with great pride. It’s a part of who I am. This is the reason I decided to make it my career. Making peoples’ homes feel less like a chore and more like a retreat.

When I started my cleaning business I couldn’t help but think “What sets me apart from everyone else? What is going to make someone want to hire me instead of the next person?” I didn’t have a lot of faith in myself because I’ve never been my own boss before, but then it hit me! I love what I do, I don’t cut corners and I always go above and beyond for my clients! So that’s what separates me from the rest!”

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